You said it, Philip Rivers. Being a Chargers fan on the east coast really IS the worst ever. As this upcoming Sunday will prove.


The Oakland A's host a playoff game Sunday. But since they share the Coliseum with the Raiders...and the Raiders were also scheduled to play a home game on Sunday...the Raiders game against the Chargers was moved from 1:35 PT to 8:35 PT...which means the game doesn't START until 11:35 PM here in New York.

11:35. Assume a three hours game and it won't end until 2:35 AM Monday morning.

Monday morning is going to be miserable (or at least, more miserable than your usual Monday morning).


The time change also caused the network to change, from CBS to NFL Network. An 11:35 PM game between the 2-2 Chargers and 1-3 Raiders, neither with much name recognition or fantasy football starters, on a network only half the country gets?

This has all the makings of the lowest-rated NFL game in modern history.

Yet I'll be up watching, because the Chargers are playing and I'm a masochist. All the fawning Philip Rivers articles this week are only going to make the inevitable depressing loss that much more depressing.


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