The MMQB published a Tuesday Mailbag today, its first on the new site. Instead of putting an emailer's name and city, they actually included each person's email address as well. This seems like an incredibly stupid thing for The MMQB/SI to do, and I can't imagine the people whose emails were answered are happy about it.

And I wonder how Wells Fargo feels about it's employee spending so much of his work week reading football columns...

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“I only have one suggestion. I read your site, but not every day. Would there be a way to classify the articles by day they were posted? That way if I read Monday, but not Tuesday or Wednesday, and I check back on Thursday, I know exactly what articles I need to catch up on.”


Side note: this picture of Peter King is going to haunt my dreams. He looks like he's about to take a huge chunk out of that football with his teeth.

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